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The Gaeta Medium Heel Ankle Boot for Ladies by Patrizio Como is an everyday staple to complete your casual look. It is an unfailing companion, whether you are off to the nearest cafe or to the hills. Finished in two subtly different tones, the boot flaunts a play of colours and textures. Its side zip allows easy access, while the pull tab makes wearing it convenient.

  • Single-tone manmade upper
  • Man Made material
  • Dual-tone shank
  • Side zip closure
  • Medium block heel
  • Patterned outsole

Size EAN
36 5056361900782
37 5056361900799
38 5056361900805
39 5056361900812
40 5056361900829
41 5056361900836

Looking after your footwear

As with all quality footwear, it is important to maintain and look after your shoes as they will last longer if you take care of them. By following the after-care instructions and using the correct products and tools your footwear will stay serviceable for all occasions. With the right maintenance there is no reason why it will not protect you against the weather and last many years.

Please note:

  • A protector spray will not make shoes waterproof. Wet shoes should always be left to dry naturally, never by artificial heat e.g heaters.
  • The use of a shoehorn will prevent damage to the backs of shoes.
  • Avoid spraying soles with spray products to prevent slipping.
  • DO NOT apply creams or polish to feature materials.


Maintaining Leather

Before cleaning ensure the shoes dry naturally and remove all dirt with a damp cloth. Use a good quality polish or conditioning cream on the shoe with gentle strokes lightly buff with a soft cloth or brush to create a shiny polished finish, wipe over and allow them to dry. Select the closest colour to your shoes – if in doubt use a natural shade. This will help your footwear from drying out or cracking and maintain the original finish.


Maintaining Suede

It is important to use a crepe eraser to rub away small scuffs/marks then use a suede brush to restore the nap of the suede. If a suede shoe gets wet its best to stuff them with newspaper whilst they’re drying out for their shape to be kept in place. Please note- Nubuck and suede leather cannot be entirely colourfast.


Maintaining Patent Shoes

Make sure shoes are firstly cleaned with a damp cloth then use a patent cleaner with a dry cloth. Non-patent cleaner can cause the shoes to stick together.


Outdoor Shoes – Gortex, GriTex, RiekerTex, TopdryTex, JennyTex

It is important to wipe down any loose dirt with a damp cloth and allow drying naturally. Remove laces and place newspaper inside of the boots so they won’t get wet whilst cleaning them. If the boots are made of suede, be delicate and don’t exert too much force which could damage the material. Please note – do not use greasy products to polish waterproof leather products as it affects the breathability of the footwear. Gortex is the only certified waterproof shoe/boot, the others are not guaranteed.